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There is nothing that compares like driving the luxury and performance of a Rolls-Royce.  Here at The New Auto Toy Store we have some of the best Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ghost available for sale.  Our pre-owned vehicles are thoroughly inspected and won't hit the sales floor unless they pass our quality tests.






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Reasons To Buy A Pre-Owned Rolls Royce

Since its inception in the early 1900's, Rolls Royce has been a worldwide standard in luxury auto craftsmanship. Their vehicles have become a status symbol of extreme wealth and are considered to be one of the finest automobiles available for purchase. With their entry-level vehicles boasting price tags of nearly a quarter-million dollars, and most recently, creating a custom build called the Sweptail priced at a record high of $13 million, Rolls Royce has always been at the top of the food chain when it comes to expensive opulent vehicles. Now being the king of ultra-luxury vehicles has meant that only a small number of people have been able to experience this luxury on a personal level, and in a way has excluded the average car buyer. This has been a fact for many years, but with the rise of the internet and online auto sales, the tides have started to turn. Today in 2017, it is much easier to acquire a pre-owned vehicle of such a high caliber as a Rolls Royce, saving the average buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding one to your collection

Save Big

Auto once reported that the cheapest Rolls Royce ever to be featured on their web site was for sale for a whopping $8,995. Yes, under 9 grand for a car that at one point was a quarter of a million dollars. The car was a 1984 silver spirit and was not in good condition, despite its age. Sure it might have been 32 years old, but it's a Rolls Royce! One might ponder if the price is a mistake, but historically, most (if not all) Rolls Royce begins to depreciate in value and are more accessible to the general public over short periods of time. On the newer side of these opulent driving machines, you are able to purchase a 2004 Rolls Royce Phantom for right around $75,000. Now considering only 10 years prior, this same exact car was pushing $300,000 that is a large amount of savings that any potential buyer should take advantage of.

Pure Luxury

It doesn't get any fancier than a Rolls Royce when it comes to luxury vehicles. When it comes to materials actually in the car, you better believe that they are second to none. Rolls Royce literally uses best materials while creating their vehicles. Everything that you see and touch in these vehicles is what it is. The real deal. The wood, metal, leather, all of the finest qualities that are available at the time of their creation. It is said that the leather is gathered from bulls instead of cows because a cow is susceptible to stretch marks during their pregnancy. Some special edition Rolls Royce even feature actual gold and crystal in the interiors. It really docent get much better than that, especially if one to acquire these things at a fraction of the original cost

The Little Things

Now what has kept Roll Royce such a majestic driving machine over the years are the little details that add up to create a superior driving experience. Unlike other manufacturers that bombard you with technical jargon that no one really understands, Rolls Royce keeps it classy. They have a skill unlike no other to combine classic elegance with modern technical sensibilities. All of this creates an unparalleled driving experience that is now more available to more buyers at a third of the cost.